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Student Feedback


Sampling of feedback we have received from persons taking our course:


"Thank you for a great day. Joe, your class was very informative. You have a fantastic personality and a unique way of instructing in order to keep every ones attention at all times. I thought it was really nice that you had some great items on hand for sale. Otherwise those folks would not have had a chance to pickup items right away. You gave personal scenarios of things that can happen and how to avoid a situation. You also had on hand a nice assortment of firearms for display. My big thing was you mention the items you had for sale but never pushed them. You just continued on with the class. And the class was great. I have already told a few about your class in June... Once again thank you for opening up you house and allow so many strangers in. It was great to see a few lady’s there. If Audrey didn’t have a prior commitment she would have loved to be there…maybe next… You are truly great gun people making good gun people better."

"I would like to thank you and your wife for letting me in your home for the Permit to Carry Training Course. Your knowledge, passion and eye opening delivery of the material are excellent. Don’t change a thing. I hope to see you for additional courses. YOU ARE THE GUY I want sitting next to me and my wife in a restaurant or a crowd."

"I took your class today. I was one of the two women there. I just wanted to thank you. I had a great time and learned much."

"First let me thank you for the wonderful class today. I did throughly enjoy it and am really lucky I found you as the instructor. Much more informative than my first class with AACFI. You definitely are a very interesting person. I am hoping to get out to Shady Lane to do some shooting with you sometime when you have your class out there. It is not far from my house."

"Thank you for an excellent course; you made the class enjoyable as it was informative; you really know your stuff."

"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class this past Saturday and the opportunity for the three of us to get our permits. It was much better than expected and I know Josh, Mikael and myself have been talking non-stop about how great it was and I know we'll recommend you to anyone. I know we would have not received any better training or hospitality anywhere else as well as the opportunity to shoot an M-16 (which was a great experience)."

"I was in your Saturday course. I just wanted to thank you again for doing an excellent job. You far exceeded my expections, I feel that I will become a much better shooter, and I plan to be in the 2% of the permit-holders that carries on a daily basis. Keep up the great work!"

"The instructor did an excellent job of explaining the conceal-carry law. He had a very good understanding of the law and how it applied to real-life situations. I liked that his philosophy was very much 'avoid bad situations'."

"Thanks for setting up the class for us at 3M. My brother and I enjoyed the class at Gander Mountain and feel we got the best conceal carry class in Minnesota. Thanks again from the 3M guys, I'll recommend you to everybody."

"Joe Penaz teaches a good course period. I have taken the course and he covers all that is necessary in a 5-6 hour class. He does not make you shoot for hours at the range if you can shoot a good group into a body size target offers more training if you need it. His course was approved by the BCA and is followed page by page with a power point projector so as not to miss any material."

"I took a course last time around from a prominent instructor like him and the courses were very close in content his was better I thought. Call the gun shops listed ask them about Joe I did. I would highly recommend Joe Penaz to any one who wants to get a good value in a course. He is in my mind one of the best values in CCW training."

"This is the 3rd course I have taken. 2 classes from another instructor for MN and Utah respectively first time around. I did my renew with Joe. Wow, this was by far the best of 3. I came with 2 friends and we all agreed his course will keep your attention. I came to get a different perspective and because he was cheaper I will recommend any one who asks me about CCW training to see Joe. He has some real cool machine guns to show at the class."

"The instructor was very experienced and confident. I'm a business owner and I appreciate it when my time is valued. He knew where he was going, got to the point, and handled all the material like a pro. I have already recommended his course to friends of mine."

"Just a note to say thanks again for inviting me to your home for the training on Saturday. I learned a lot, and especially enjoyed our political conversation...you're one of the good guys!"

"Thanks so much for the excellent class. I appreciated how efficiently everything ran, and I have already been recommending you to friends here in Southern Minnesota."

"Joe - Just a big THANK YOU to both you and your wife. The lunch was a special touch and the class was excellent. I really learned a lot in your class and you made it both interesting and informative. Thanks again for a job well done."


"Thanks for the class and the instruction using my ppk on Sunday.
And, by the way, you friggin' blew me away with your fast draw and accurate shot placement. I was a shooter in the army and was never trained with a pistol (well not very well anyway), and I think the times are dictating that I become as proficient with a pistol as I am with a rifle."

Bob- 11/4/08

Thank you very much for the great class on Saturday! I only had a few hours of sleep the night before and I was concerned that I would have trouble paying attention. I was riveted the entire time! Thank you very much for all of the organization and planning that you both put into the class!

Thank you again and I will be recommending the class to everyone I know!

Derek -- December 2008

Thank you for the class. I learned a great deal about the philosophy behind citizens carrying. I have a Law Enforcement degree and learned as much in your class as I did in two classes on constitutional law surrounding deadly force. I am proud of your work and have recommended you to my friends.

Tim -- January 2009

I attended your coarse yesterday the 24, of January and found it to be most informative and enjoyable. Being a previous law enforcement officer most of the information was refreshment but, there was definitely some new info provided. I took the class with my sister and best friend and some of his in laws. Everyone came away with a positive experience. Looking forward to attending some of the other classes you provide.

Josh -- January 2009

"I had a fantastic time at your class last weekend. I take a lot of classes
like this and it is so nice to actually have someone passionate and
entertaining to listen to. Thanks for doing such a great job, I will
definately pass your name along to anyone else looking to take the class. I
will also do my part politically to keep up the pressure on our leaders, we
really need some help in wisconsin. Thanks again I really appreciate everything you do."

Dan -- March 2009

"You were correct. I took your class on Sat. 3-21-09 and it was as you said, the best class out there. I have a conceal/carry permit, so the class was for renewal, also I took a class a couple of years ago to bolster my confidence about carrying a firearm. None compare to the Plane Cents class, your material is the most up to time and presented by someone who really knows what they're talking about. I hope the class is still going on my next renewal."

Jerry -- March 2009







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